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A unique cave temple carved out on a huge rock on a hillock with Mahadeva, believed to have been installed by the Vedic God Agni. A little right on the cave is the form of Maha Ganapathy on the rock wall. In the Pallava tradition, at the entrance into the Sacrosanctum are the Dwara Palakas. On the southern entrance under a spreading banyan tree stands the rock similar to the shape of the cave. The banayan tree is also worshipped. The scenic charm one finds standing on the hillock is enchanting. Maha Ganapathy on the pinnacle of the rock with a perwnnial spring nearby is peculiar to this place. On the Ardra star in the month of Makaram is the "Aratt" after 8 days festival. For heakth and prosperity "Kalabha Abhisheka" is performed. Offering of coir cures Asthma. For want of funds the paraphernalia have been dropped. This temple has an income of 7000 paras of paddy per year and was a centre of culture.