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It is believed that Durga selected this place for her stay atleast 100 years back when the presence of Goddess was shown to a local cheiftan, Kattur Aleth Padanayar titled "Kumaran Shankaran" now known as "Aleth Karthavu" under his palmed leaf umbrella and the Padanayar constructed a temple. The attending deities are Khandakarna and Bhairava. A harijan tantrik named Melanthuruthy is also installed in the precincts. As a living example of  communal harmony, Hindus, Muslims and Christians make offerings at this temple. As years passed on Durga was worshipped as Bhadrakali. The power of Bhadrakali and Durga were intertwined for several years, but seperated recently. Amma is propitiated for getting suitable jobs, prosperity in old age and family welfare by having Brahmani Pattu performed. The local people suffered untold miseries when the divine power got polluted. A book of prayers and a audio cassette named "Amme Villi Kelku" released during the purification days are in great demand. I.T. exemption on donation for this ancient temple has been got. For want of "Nadappura" devotees find it hard to worship in rainy season. Construction of a safety wall around the tank is also necessary. The temple is about half a km. north of Eravathoor junction in Aluva-Mala route.