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PALIAM-99 :  A Report

Just a few words to thank you all and re-live memories of a most wonderful weekend……. Initially, it was rather difficult inviting forty or fifty "relatives" (half of whom we had never met or even talked to before) to spend a couple of days with us. We decided to persevere and hoped that family ties and help from above would make everything go smooth.  It did not seem right to remain strangers for ever!

Now that the party (Sangamam) is over and we are back to our daily grind, it is time to reminisce about all the fond memories.  All the months of planning and weeks of execution seem to have paid off. We had an absolutely wonderful time (I may be a little biased here, but I think most will agree!). And hopefully everyone had a pleasant and safe journey home.

The Attendees:

Forty four  Achans, Kunjammas, Kuttans, Pillais and other relatives graced the occasion with their presence. Attached below is the list:
Sathy Valiamma and Valiachan
Daddy & Mommy (Kochappan and Sathy)
Hema Chittamma and Mukundan (Appu) Maman
Manorama Chechi and Gangan Chettan
Kanchana Chechi , Balji Chettan, Hari and Nikhil
Narendran Chettan, Devika and Narayanan
Lakshmi, Narayanan, Gautam and Gopika
Shilaja, Krishnan and Chandrika Chechi
Suresh Pankaj and Smitha
Sangeeta and Prakash
Priya, Shireesh and Nivedita
Priya, Ramesh, Sanjana and Sunaina
Pradip, Maya, Malavika and Radhika
Pravin and Sreelatha
Prem, Minni and Anjana

The Events

The event started with a few arrivals on Friday morning……most were here by Saturday lunch time. We had a simple lunch, followed by a "get-to-know -you session" (many of us had never met each other before, or had not seen each other in decades, and there were new additions to the family).  The clan took over the lawn in the evening with an exciting tug-of-war (Paliam vs Rest-of-the-World).  The outcome was quite indecisive….we had used an ancient garden hose and after a couple of tries, all we ended up with were a few pieces of hose - none long enough to accommodate the entire teams. So a truce was called and a tie declared.  The Kunjammas vs Kuttans volleyball was next….I wasn't around for most of the game, but during the few sessions I got to watch, the Kunjammas seemed to be the dominant side (Girl Power ?)

Breakfast on Sunday was followed by a Sangamam meeting and a sumptuous Sadya. The details / minutes of the meeting have been recorded and will be sent out as soon as possible. The entertainment in the evening was great,  thanks to the histrionic talents of almost everyone. We had music, dance, ballet and an impromptu "vanchi pattu" skit by the Kunjammas.  I could go on for ever, but should stop in the interests of time and space!


A word of thanks to everyone that attended and helped out …after all, this was OUR event and the contributions of everyone are appreciated.  A special word of thanks to Pradip however for doing a yeoman's job in the kitchen. His culinary skills were universally praised. Thanks to all of you that brought  us gifts…they will be cherished for a long time to come. It would not be right to end this section without a word of thanks to Paramesh and the Kymals who so graciously made their homes available for our stay.

Paliam Family Books

The Paliam family book complete with a family history, old photographs and member contact information was distributed.  It is indeed a great effort and helps put in perspective our glorious family history and traditions.  It is requested that those of us who couldn't make it to PALIAM-99 get a copy  as soon as possible.  We would like to charge a nominal price of $20 per copy to cover the costs of printing and also ensure some funds for an improved and updated edition soon.

Lost and Found

Even though the old adage "Finders Keepers" still holds true, we would like to identify the true owners of a couple of things that have been turned in to our Lost & Found department. These include:
? A gold ladies watch (seems to be Devika's)
? A green sleeping bag

Next Meeting / Sangamam

The general agreement seems to be that we should meet every two years and that the likely venue and time for the next meeting would be Washington D.C. / Labor Day 2001.  Obviously, we are a long way off, so there is time to make concrete plans.

I have tried to capture the spirit and happenings as concisely as possible…..may also have inadvertently left out some key events and failed to thank some key people.  Hope you will all take this in the right spirit and please feel free to add to / modify this note as you see fit!

Hoping this Sangamam will be the beginning of a long and unbroken tradition…….and looking forward to seeing a lot more of our family members at the next !!!!!

With our love and regards,
Anjana, Minni & Prem