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   Adult male mamber
   Living room inside nalukettu. 
Kodikayattam     Flag raised heralding the annual temple festival.
Kovilakam or Kolukam    Local term for a palace.
Kuhjamma     Adult female member
Kuttan     Minor male member
Matriarchial or Matrilineal system     Maternal line of succession. 
Nadumittam    Central lower level space in nalukettu
Nalukettu     Four sided structure. 
Pilla      Minor female member
Purathalam    Sitout of the main tharavad.
Shasthabdapoorthy       60th birthday of the person
Shathabhishekam     Duration of 1000 full moons in a person's life. (approximately after 84th birthday).
Tharavad      Ancestral house of the family
Thavazhi     Branching or grouping of members 
Ulsavam     Temple festival (annual)
Valiachan     Eldest male member. Valiachans are cyclically titled as Raman Vailachan, Krishnan Valiachan,    Govindan Valiachan
Valiamma     Eldest female member
Vazhipad     Offerings to the diety